Christmas Poem – Santa’s Shelled Helper

Here is a poem that can be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart – learn how a little tortoise can help St Nick on his special night! Happy Christmas to all of my blog readers, God bless you all and have a very peaceful and joyous few days!


SANTA’S SHELLED HELPER a poem by Nicky Holland

Twas the night before Christmas and all round the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse –
Except for young torty asleep in his bed,
Who nodded, and slumbered, then raised up his head,
His sweet dreams disturbed by a faint Ho Ho Ho,
From a jolly faced fella a-covered in snow,
Who could it be that had now caught his sight,
And woke torty up on this Christmas Eve night?
His eyes were so friendly, his face it glowed red,
As he gently bent down and raised torty from bed,
‘Oh Santa’ thought torty, ‘I recognise you,
So all that I’ve heard it must really be true,
How you visit the houses of good girls and boys,
And leave them all presents, and sweeties and toys,
And maybe I hope’, and his heart ‘gan to swell,
‘That there may be a present for torties as well!’
‘My dear friendly tortoise’ said Santa to he,
‘I do need some help, so I’m glad I’ve found thee,
My poor reindeer Rudolph is tucked up in bed,
All full up with cold, so will you help instead?’
Torty was happy, his eyes opened wide,
‘I’m gonna help Santa’, he thought with some pride,
‘But Santa’ said torty, ‘how helpful am I,
For I’m quite small and slow and I simply can’t fly?’
‘Don’t worry dear shelled friend just leave it to me’
With a wink and a smile they flew up the chimney,
Torty was astounded as he gazed from on high,
With the house right below and around him the sky,
And parked right beside him a gleaming white sleigh,
With reindeers afore it all chewing on hay,
‘Ahoy there my reindeer, come meet our new bloke’
Said Santa, ‘for torty’s the kindest of folk,
Come Vixen, come Dasher, come Cupid come Dancer,
Come Comet, come Donner, and Blitzen, come Prancer,
Now my good and brave torty do not be afraid,
For on Christmas Eve, miracles are made.’
Santa wrapped torty in a coat made of gold,
That fitted most snugly and kept out the cold,
And all of a sudden his nose gleamed quite red,
And two tiny antlers popped up from his head,
‘Ho, ho little torty now that’s quite a sight,
So come guide our sleigh on this beautiful night.’
‘Oh Santa, you know that this torty will try’,
So saying he rose up and jumped in the sky,
‘I can fly, I can fly’ he shouted with glee,
The first soaring tortoise in all history,
He led them on bravely right through the night,
No longer quite slow, but faster than light,
And all thanks to torty by morning sunrise,
The presents were waiting for young eager eyes,
The darkness was ending and morning was near,
‘Whoah reindeer’ said Santa ‘dear torty we’re here!’
Santa removed torty’s gold cloak,
With a wink and a smile and a plume of red smoke,
And torty found with a blink of surprise,
A familiar bed was now before his eyes,
‘I’m back home’, thought torty, ‘oh what a strange night,
I got to help Santa’, he smiled with delight.
The door it creaked open, well was Santa back?
But no, it was daddy carrying a sack,
‘Happy Christmas my torty, I do love you so,
And here is your present so that you know!’
He reached inside and what did he produce?
A big, ripe, red strawberry full up with juice,
Then daddy stepped back – his mouth was agape,
Amazed at the tortoise sized, gold coloured cape,
That lay next to torty and fragments of snow,
And a card saying “Thank you from Santa and co”,
‘Well torty, my love, tell me what’s gone on here?’
But torty just winked and said ‘maybe next year!’


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