Tortoise Haiku

As my more astute readers know I have been in London  all week watching Wagner’s Ring Cycle at the Royal Opera House (if you didn’t know this then please feel free to read last week’s blog entitled ‘Opera Is For All’). The first two operas have been phenomenal and I am very much looking forward to seeing the final two operas tomorrow and on Monday. I literally bumped into Michael Portillo on opening night, although whether that is a good thing or nor I will leave to your own judgement.

I have had a marvelous time in London – there is so much to see and do there. I saw the Edvard Munch exhibition at the Tate Modern (very good, but be warned that it includes some rather lurid naked photographs of the painter) and I also went to the Rose Theatre on Bankside to see the ‘lost’ Shakespeare play Cardenio. I highly recommend Cardenio to theatre lovers – it is like Hamlet but magnified tenfold. There is death, passion, necrophilia, nudity (is there a theme developing here?) and yet more death. The Rose Theatre itself is incredible – it is the oldest Tudor theatre in Britain and the facilities are rudimentary as they still excavating the site but it stages incredible theatre. I urge theatre goers to visit The Rose – you won’t regret it.

So as you can tell, I have been loving my London sojourn but I have greatly missed my beautiful little tortoise Ovid. I have missed him so much that I had to take a trip out to London Zoo to see the three new giant Galapagos Tortoises that they have acquired. It was amazing to see these gigantic chelonians, but I will still be glad when I can stroke Ovid’s shell again. Here is a picture of the smallest and youngest giant at the zoo, Dolores, saying ‘Hi’!


WordPress allows bloggers to see what search terms people have been using to find your site. Two days ago a person unknown found my blog by googling the term: ‘tortoise haiku’. Now there are lots of tortoises in my blog and there are quite a few haikus as well but I have never combined the two: until now! I always strive to fulfill my reader’s wishes and so here is a haiku that I entitle simply ‘Tortoise’:

Wise old head stirs slow

As air hangs over beauty

That was born of shell.

I hope that you enjoyed my haiku and I hope to have exciting news about my children’s novel ‘Tortoise Soup’ for you all soon! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs, please visit again and I would love to see your haiku comments below!


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