Stop Animal Cruelty – Support Alfie’s Law

I love animals, and as you are reading this then there is a good chance that you love animals as well. I myself have a wonderfully bright and funny pet tortoise, one of the inspirations for my children’s book ‘Tortoise Soup’, but I have also had a cat, a dog, a guinea pig and a plethora of stick insects. Pets bring so much love into our lives and all they ask for is love and nurturing in return. Unfortunately there are sick individuals out there who abuse animal’s love and trust, and this is why we desperately need Alfie’s Law.

Alfie’s Law is trying to change the way that people who inflict cruelty upon animals are dealt with. There is a petition that I would like you to sign: If we can all help to get 100,ooo signatures then Parliament will have to take the issue seriously and debate it.

All too often these offenders are given paltry fines or suspended sentences and are then freed to offend again. Some of these crimes are too horrific to contemplate but one case that Alfie’s Law is particularly concerned with is that of Codie. Codie was a beautiful and loving dog who was covered in lighter fluid and then set alight. It took eleven days for her to succumb to her injuries. The perpetrators are due in court shortly but the sentencing options open to the judges are simply not tough enough to cover disgusting acts such as these. Make no mistake, any people who carry out such sickening crimes against animals are a danger to society as a whole, they are as likely to attack people as they are animals.

Alfie’s Law wants to see a zero tolerance approach to animal cruelty, with the maximum jail sentence increased to at least two years accompanied by a lifetime ban on pet ownership.

Alfie’s Law also wants to make it easier and more cost effective for animal protection agencies such as the RSPA to bring prosecutions against offenders. Last year, sadly, 1341 vile people were found guilty of animal cruelty yet only 74 received a custodial sentence. We need to change this.

Animals cannot speak out in their own defence so we need to speak for them. Let us repay them for all of the love and happiness that they so selflessly give to us. Please sign the Alfie’s Law petition today at

You can find more information at the official Alfie’s Law website:
You can also submit a picture of your pet to the website’s gallery. My tortoise Ovid is on there, and there are so many beautiful pictures of pets of all shapes and sizes. I hope that you join the fight and help to bring justice for Codie.


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