The Essex Lion (a poem)

Timmy awoke in the night with a fright,

His eyes opened wide at the terrible sight,

Of a swishing long tail and a big golden paw,

And a mouth full of teeth that let out a huge roar.

“Oh no”, said poor Tim scratching his head,

“That cruel Essex Lion is right by my bed.”

The lion it stalked on unto the boy’s side,

It was too late to run and far too late to hide,

Tim closed his eyes, all quiet and meek,

And felt a wet tongue a licking his cheek,

He opened one eye and was startled to see,

The lion was smiling, and quite playfully.

“Please don’t be scared, oh you nice little boy,

I mean you no harm, I’m a lion of joy,

I love to laugh, to frolic and play,

So killing small boys is just not my way.”

Timmy was brave, he reached out to stroke,

The lion who nuzzled him back with a poke

The lion was happy he let out a purrrr,

As Timmy stroked his most beautiful fur,

“Oh Lion, my friend, will you be my pet,

As they say I’m too young to have any yet?”

The Lion it grinned, full of feline delight,

The happiest lion in Essex that night,

“Oh yes, now that would be a wonderful treat,

For it’s not safe for me to be out on the street,

There are men with big guns who are after my head,

And if they once see me they might shoot me dead,

They have me all wrong, they just can’t comprehend,

That a lion can be a most wonderful friend.”

So Lion became our Timmy’s lifelong pal,

The gentlest of cats, such a kind animal,

He lets Timmy ride on his back in the park,

But only when it is suitably dark,

In the day he is hiding below Tim’s bed,

So the ceiling is now just an inch from his head,

He doesn’t eat meat, he just can’t stand the taste,

And lives on a diet of milk and fish paste.

So if you’re in Essex and you hear a loud ‘Roarrrr’,

There’s simply no need to be scared anymore,

It’s just Tim with his lion a-prowling the street,

And a kinder big kitty you never could meet.

ImageI hope that you liked my poem! Please look out for my children’s book ‘Tortoise Soup’ coming soon (when I find the right publisher), there are no lions in it but lots of adventure that any child will love!


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